Working with the Waypoints Plugin


The Neatline Waypoints widget allows the creation of contextual reference points for exhibit content, providing creators with a means of shaping users’ interaction with the exhibit’s contents.

Enabling Waypoints for an Exhibit

To enable the waypoints widget, on the exhibit settings screen, select the widget from the drop down selection box. Screenshot of Exhibit Settings

Adding a Waypoint For a Record

To include a Neatline record on the waypoints sidebar

  1. Create the Neatline record.
  2. On the Style tab of the record, click the Widgets field and select Waypoints from the drop down box.

    Screenshot of Selecting Waypoints Plugin for a Record

  3. Save the record.

Removing a Waypoint For a Record

To remove a Neatline record from the waypoints sidebar

  1. Open the Neatline record editor.
  2. On the Style tab, deselect Waypoints from the drop down box by clicking on the small X on the plugin label.

    Screenshot of Deselecting Waypoints for a Record

  3. Save the record.

Waypoint Settings

To access settings for the Waypoint widget, from the main Neatline editor screen, click on the Plugins tab, then select Waypoints from the list.

After opening the Waypoints setting tab, you can click and drag your waypoints into the desired order then save your changes by clicking the blue Save button. The new order of your waypoints will show on the waypoints sidebar once you’ve saved your changes.

Screenshot of Waypoints Settings

Disabling Waypoints for an Exhibit

To disable Waypoints on an exhibit

  1. Open the Exhibit Settings dialogue.
  2. Scroll down to the Widgets section.
  3. Click the small X on the widget label. Screenshot of Disabling Waypoints for an Exhibit
  4. Scroll down and click the green Save Exhibit button.

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